Mind & Ego

If your life is dark, controlled, and joyless, you are being ruled by your ego-mind. Learn the power of witnessing and get your joy back.

Coming Into the Clear

Dear friends and readers, My apologies for not blogging recently. I took on an expanded role at my company a few months ago and I haven’t had much time for writing or anything else of late. The job’s great, the company fantastic, but it is all incredibly demanding. I...

When Ego Makes Mockery of Its Opponents

This morning I awoke to video footage of Donald Trump mocking White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest for saying that the Putin Administration tried to meddle with the U.S. Presidential Election, and that the Republican nominee approved of it. I didn’t hear any facts...

Boycott Violent Media

Today’s Wall Street Journal reports on efforts by school districts to use new technology to secure themselves against a repeat of the 2012 tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, where 20 children and six adults were killed by a deranged shooter. This stat from...


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