Mike Heck

Mike Heck


I’ve been mixing communications and technology well before the advent of the Internet. I honed my creative, visual and programming skills working for one of the world’s first computer companies, then went on to build websites for several corporations – while also writing reviews for many tech journals. 

It was in that corporate world that I first met Jim.  When he approached me about this project, I knew immediately that I wanted to be involved in some way.  I’d experienced, firsthand, some of the important issues presented here: job loss, illness, divorce, and the pressures of an arduous work schedule that took its toll on my mind and body.

Jim’s example guided me through some life-altering decisions. I now devote my time helping others as a hospice volunteer along with my therapy dog, and explore my passion for photography.
Joe McKendrick

Joe McKendrick


I consider myself to be a work in progress. Professionally, I am a journalist and analyst in the business consulting and technology sector. I am a regular contributor to Forbes and CBS interactive ( on the topics of business and technology transformation. Lately, I have been involved in helping to build a startup, (Real Time Insights).

My life has been a journey of sorts. Much of my childhood was spent as a US Army brat, living in or nearby various bases in the United States and Europe. In my college days, I attended Temple University in Philadelphia, where I first met and got to know Jim.

I have a beautiful wife and two beautiful daughters who are my pride and joy. When not writing, I enjoy bicycling – there are many new trails crisscrossing the Philadelphia region, including one just opened a couple of years ago that abuts my own back yard! (How cool is that?)

Since the first days of my career, I took an active interest in the power of individuals to shape their own destinies, as well as to lift others around them. Technology is part of this (as evidenced by the very existence of this blogsite), but self-empowerment also comes from a belief in rising above the mediocrity that holds us back and, as Steve Jobs famously put it, “make a dent in the universe.”

Eric Lepping

Eric Lepping

Blog Contributor

I’ve sought freedom from struggle and pain in many ways.  Some of them have been healthy and some not so much.  Upon meeting Jim and learning about A Peaceable Man I knew that I had met someone like me and that I had to be involved.
I’m the website developer that put this site together and I’ll contribute writing and things that I’ve found useful.
I have two kids and am divorced.  (Still healing from that but every day is a better day.)  When not sitting by a computer I spend time with my kids, my dog and my girlfriend.  After taking a few years off I’m back to finding an outlet through endurance sports.  I find that the meditative effects of time spent swimming, riding my bike and running are great for my state of mind.  Sharing time in the pool, on the bike or on foot with my girlfriend and other great friends is great for the body and the mind.


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