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A Peaceable Man is a blog about peaceful living, written from a man’s perspective. If you are in despair, grappling with emotions that you don’t understand and that feel too big for you, this site is for you. Perhaps you’ve been battling the beast of anxiety and depression for years. Perhaps you feel that there is no hope for you, that yours is somehow a special case. Other people get better, but you won’t. You are different. Something about your case, your genes, your makeup. It’s your fate.

I’ve been where you are. I lived in emotional turmoil for years. All told, I figure I have spent nearly a decade of my life in darkness. But through a lot of inner work, I have found lasting peace and contentment, without the need for medications or anything else external to me. I’ve found my joy again, and I want the same for you.

This blog is written for everyone, but there’s something special in here for men. Guys aren’t supposed to be highly sensitive. Guys aren’t supposed to have strong emotions, aside maybe from anger. Going through the agony and loneliness of depression is hard enough without thinking that it’s somehow not okay to be feeling this way, that we must keep our emotions bottled up in order to conform to societal expectations.

All that baloney just adds fuel to the fire. Any kind of emotion, if denied expression, only grows like a tumor inside us. It’s time for men to join the chorus of women’s voices in the march toward emotional health, and it starts to acknowledging what we, too, are feeling creatures.

I hope what I write here is helpful to you in your journey and adds something, however modest, to the greater peace of our world.




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